We practice SOCIAL & GREEN architecture in mainly rural environments throughout southern Africa.


Most of our projects are community-based and our design process is both inclusive and transparent. We encourage engagement and participation of end users in our processes towards empowering them to take ownership of the resulting building.


Environmental and sustainable issues are important to us - we hold that if through good design we can use resources sparingly for ‘the planet’ then we’re also saving a community’s limited financial resources, thereby allowing a better spend on the business-at-hand – whether it be teaching and learning or the delivery of health care.


Our projects are typically process-based with a strong emphasis on context & teamwork. The deeper the contextual research and the more intense the levels of community engagement, the more deliberate the process; but, ultimately, the better the chance of a sustainable, satisfying result for all.


Derek van Heerden (Director)

B. Arch Pr. Arch

SACAP No: 5305


Steve Kinsler (Director)

B Arch, B. Agric, Pr. Arch

SACAP No: 5269


BartJan Hooft

B. Arch, MSc. Arch, Candidate Pr Arch

SACAP No: CANT35134793


Craig Hohls

B.Arch S., Candidate Pr Arch Tech






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